Prarambh Women Empowerment Program

At Prarambh Women Empowerment Program (PWEP), our aim is to support economically less-privileged women from rural areas and urban slums as well as revive traditional art and handicrafts by training and encouraging budding artisans through our skill development programs.

At PWEP, we conduct free skill development workshops on hand embroidery, painting methods such as Kurla, basic stitching, and creating home decors, handcrafted jewelry, bags, hand-painted greeting cards, and so on.

Livelihood generation program: Sales proceeds of our carefully crafted products ensure a steady source of income for the women involved. As prarambh extends the training and support to more and more women, we hope to better the lives of multitudes of families, as empowering a woman means empowering a family.

At PWEP, we also conduct periodic health check-up; mentoring and counselling sessions, yoga, and similar supportive activities. We are also planning to start a daily nutrition program at PWEP and TLC to tackle urban malnutrition, a much-ignored malady.

Background of Beneficiary Women

Age group: 16–65 years

Average education: Primary education with no English language skills

Marital status: Most of the women are married with young children.

Family constraints: Permitted to go out of home for work

There are also workshops conducted as a part of the Women Empowerment Program.